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We’re happy to have you on our website. But we’d be even more glad to welcome you at Pajamas Boutique Hotel and Hostel at Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang!



Hey, we are Chat and Oat and we truly believe that one of the main reasons why people like to travel is “to meet new people”. Chat came to Koh Chang after he graduated from a University in Bangkok to help his uncle run a small resort on the eastern side of the island. He started to discover the island, climbed up the hills, crossed every forest, relaxed at the waterfalls, kayaked around the neighbouring islands and of course cycled over the island. The idea was born to offer his own personal “Slow Life Cycling” bicycle tour – and that’s how he met Oat.

Oats family business is a seafood restaurant in Koh Chang, called “Nong Bua Seafood” and was opened in 1999. It’s a very well known place – beyond the borders of the island – and a lot of customers became friends over the years.

Vision & Mission

When we travel, we love to talk and share travel experiences with others, both travellers and locals – and strongly believe, that the people make the difference – everywhere you go. It happened to us so many times – extraordinary places but not the corresponding people made us feel uncomfortable – but a more normal place surrounded by extraordinary people makes us want to go back all the time. People make the difference and we love that!

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Oats slave

Likes Bicycles, Ping-Pong and Liverpool


Pajamas Angle

Likes Massaman Curry, Yoga and Chat


The Happy Girl

Likes Chocolate, Beer and Plankton


The Foodie

Likes Deep Fried Chicken and Fried Fish


Ms. Superlovely

Likes Rice Noodles and Geckos


The story of pajamas

Back in 2010 we talked about opening a small Resort or Hotel on Koh Chang for the first time and fell in love with the idea. Based on our believe, we wanted to create a “traveller community” where our guests meet, talk, eat, laugh, share and eventually become friends. And we’ve designed it all into the Pajamas concept. From our core values to the very little things that only a few will even notice, from our facilities over amenities to activities, every detail was important to make sure everyone can enjoy their stay to the fullest, easily meet others and become a part of the Pajamas family.

And since we opened on October 5th, 2014, we keep seeing guests turn into friends, even though they come from completely different parts of the world and might even have language barriers. They met at the Pajamas, spent time together and stayed in touch after they left – and that’s what makes us proud – to be part of something that brings people together – sometimes for life.

Moreover, Pajamas fulfills our soul and we couldn’t be happier that so many of our guests love our idea, our “happy place”, come back every year and recommend us – and turned into friends and family. And for us, that’s the most precious part and at the same time we’re happy that our idea became reality. We all hope you love the Pajamas as much as we do and we are very happy to be part of your journey while you stay with us on Koh Chang.

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