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The best Activities on Koh Chang

Koh Chang is of course a place to chill and relax but also good for a large variety of activities. The most beautiful beach on the island is just a one-minute-walk away from our place. Check out the activities we offer at our place. And besides these, our lovely staff can arrange a number of other trips, to adjacent islands, Diving and Snorkel trips, Hiking and many more. 


The most beautiful beach on Koh Chang is just a one-minute-walk away from the Pajamas. Behind the building is a walkway that leads to the beach. Signs and arrows will guide you to the beach. Beach-ball games, Bodyboards, Beach mattresses and Snorkeling gear is available next to the Guest computer and book shelf.

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing bath in our beloved swimming pool after a sunny day and chill on one of the many available deckchairs and bean-bags.

Bicycle Tour

A guided bicycle tour over the island is available on request. The tour features famous spots on the island, the old fisherman village, an elephant camp, and a small and hidden waterfall. Bicycles will be provided. Inquire at the front desk. 

Motorbike trips

Motorbike trips are available on a regular basis. The tour leads around the island to the most remote beaches. There we rent kayaks and paddle to a tiny but beautiful and breathtaking island. Check the white board between the front desk and the guest kitchen or ask our lovely staff for more information.


Stand up paddle boards are available for rent at the front desk on an hourly basis. The beach is just a one-minute-walk away.


Beachvolleyball will be played at the beach if enough guests sign up for this activity on the white board that is located between the front desk and the guest kitchen. Check the white board regularly for this and other activities.

pool billiards

Enjoy a game of pool (billiards) next to the pool. Everything is provided next to the table. Coins will be changed from our lovely staff at the front desk until 11.00 pm.

Ping pong

A ping-pong table is available for playing singles, doubles and round robin. Ping-pong rackets and balls are on the shelf next to the Guest computer and the book shelf. And if you look out of that window, you see the ping-pong table.

cooking classes

Cooking classes are taking place on a regular basis in the guest kitchen area. Check the white board between the front desk and the guest kitchen to see when a cooking class or any other activity is planned. Sign up and you’re a part of it!

more activities

Our front desk staff will gladly tell you anything you need to know about all the activities that take place at the Pajamas and on or around the island of Koh Chang. 

More info and bookings at the front desk.

  • Snorkeling Tours

  • Diving Tours

  • Diving Courses (PADI certification)

  • Fishing Trips

  • (Other) Islands Trips

  • Elephant Camp Visit

  • Trekking Trips

  • Tree Top Adventure Park Trip

  • ATV Tours

  • Island Mini-Van Tour

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There is one more thing

Oh yeah, we love to celebrate. Songkran for example is always great fun – a very wet Thai tradition. And of course we celebrate Loy Kratong. Some traditions are not sooo Thai, but we love them a lot! Come join and celebrate with us!

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